Do you feel the need to categorize? You’re not the only one. Having prejudices towards people with different background than your own, people more rich or poor compared to you is quite normal.

But what is prejudice, exactly, and how are prejudices constructed? “Typical” invites you to reflect on the difference between important matters as racism, xenophobia and bias in everyday-life. We ask: Are prejudices dangerous, and is it possible to change them?

The exhibition allows you to participate in funny mind games challenging your personal prejudices.

Conceptual artist Thierry Geoffry / COLONEL contributes with his interactive artwork the “Anatomy of Prejudice”

Tuesday – Sunday: 11am – 4pm

Opening hours during holidays

Adults: NOK 60,-
Children and youth (under 26): Free admission

Free admission for one person accompanying a person with a disability.

Free admission for everyone on Thursdays.


Address: Tøyenbekken 5
Take any subway line to Grønland

Intercultural Museum

The Intercultural Museum is located on the former premises of the old Grønland police station. Today, the former cells are used as unique exhibition spaces.

Through engaging exhibitions, you gain insight into current social topics, arts, and culture. Explore your own prejudices, challenge your ideas, and expand your understanding of other cultures.

Intercultural Museum

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Tegning, fremtidsvisjon av bygget Interkulturelt Museum holder til i. Mennesker, fantasivesener, romskip og kjempestore planter.
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