SciFi movies & popular media headlines often give us an illusion of the “technologically predetermined” direction our future is “inevitably” hurtling towards. Most of these narratives isolate science & technology from human context & exhibit discriminatory bias, limiting, rather than opening our understanding of what is really possible.

In her talk Bielskyte will challenge both the dystopian and utopian narratives of the future, showing that these aren't the only possible options. Instead, she looks towards future visions that are more inclusive and actually liveable. Her futurism is defined by informed hope, yet firmly anchored in complex human and environmental realities.

Bielskyte has traveled the world, giving lectures for major international companies, and serving as a futurist consultant in Hollywood. We are very excited to welcome Monika to Intercultural Museum in May. There's a limited number of seats, so tickets must be purchased in advance. The talk is in English.

The talk is related to the project and exhibition Beyond Barcode, which Oslo Museum has collaborated on with the research program CoFutures at the University of Oslo for several years. The exhibition is currently on display at the Intercultural Museum.

Monika Bielskyte is a futurist and speculative designer who challenges established future narratives. She's a sought-after consultant and speaker – she was a futurist consultant for Disney/Marvel's "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever." Her client list includes BBC, Disney, Google, Unesco, Huawei, Microsoft, Nike, Universal, and many more. She has also lectured at numerous academic institutions, including Aalto University, California College of Arts, CERN, Lund University, Indian Institute Of Technology, and Central Saint Martins.

Monika was born in the Soviet Union and raised in newly liberated Lithuania. Today, she's based in Johannesburg, South Africa, but for over 10 years, she has traveled through over 100 countries, living with and learning from leaders and citizens from diverse backgrounds.

Time: Monday 27th May at 6pm
Place: Intercultural Museum, Tøyenbekken 5
Tickets: Ordinary NOK 100,- // Students NOK 50,-

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Address: Tøyenbekken 5
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