This workshop is planned in conversation with Sarah Kazmi’s solo exhibition, Cooking, Time?, and invites the public to share their responses to questions of history writing and archival practice. While the conversation will be moderated by curator Noor Bhangu, participants will be invited to co-create the dynamics and directions of the workshop. Instead of relying on top-down models of doing research, this workshop will be an effort to flatten imbedded heirachies and authorities in the field of history.

This workshop will take place outside and include a community barbeque as well as the presentation of a commissioned cake by artist Javon Bennett  

Time: Sunday 26th May at 1pm
Sted: Intercultural Museum, Tøyenbekken 5
Free entrance

Address: Tøyenbekken 5
Take any subway line to Grønland

Dresskledde pakistanske menn sitter på stoler i en stor sal. Sort-hvitt-foto stedvis fargelagt i rosa og blå.
Exhibition: Cooking, Time?

In what ways has immigration from Pakistan to Norway in the 1960s and 70s been experienced, narrated and preserved? Through various artistic expressions with food traditions as a common thread, history and the sources that have been used to tell it are explored.

About the exhibition