Artist Talk at Intercultural Musuem at 1pm
Artist Sarah Kazmi will lead visitors through her first solo exhibition in Oslo, Cooking, Time? Alongisde unpacking key artworks in the exhibition, Kazmi will discuss her reserach on Norwegian archives about Pakistani migrants and share insights from her processes of art making.

The artist talk is included in the entrance ticket to the Intercultural Museum.

Performance at Urtegata/Palmyra at 2:30pm
After the talk, you can experience a performance by Sanjey Sureshkumar, titled "SASUSU Radio presents spirit eats". In the 90s and early 2000s Motzfeldtsgate had a cultural significance for the Tamil community in Norway. As one of many streets in Grønland who facilitated different lifestyles of the peoples connected to the place, this particular street consisted of a food store dedicated to Tamil spices, tea and international call cards, as well as a video store that used to rent out the latest Kollywood films.

By highlighting the Norwegian-Tamil history at Motzfeldtsgate, and its social and multicultural infrastructures, SASUSU Radio seeks to expand ideas of migratory meeting places and how they change or take another form over time.

SASUSU Radio pulls the handbreak at Motzfeldtsgate in Grønland to hold an event filled with blended taste, stories of coexistence and togetherness through sonic vibrations and film.

The performance is free.



Time: Saturday 1st June at 1pm (artist talk) and 2:30 pm (performance)
Place: Intercultural Museum, Tøyenbekken 5
Pris: The artist talk is included in the entrance ticket to Intercultural Museum. The performance is free.

Dresskledde pakistanske menn sitter på stoler i en stor sal. Sort-hvitt-foto stedvis fargelagt i rosa og blå.
Exhibition: Cooking, Time?

In what ways has immigration from Pakistan to Norway in the 1960s and 70s been experienced, narrated and preserved? Through various artistic expressions with food traditions as a common thread, history and the sources that have been used to tell it are explored.

About the exhibition

Address: Tøyenbekken 5
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