6 illustrerte portretter på blårutete bakgrunn i ring rundt plakat der det står Ndiakhass


Ndiakhass means patchwork in Wolof, and is a technique used to create festive attire in West Africa.

Intercultural Museum

23. August 2024 - 23. March 2025

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Dresskledde pakistanske menn sitter på stoler i en stor sal. Sort-hvitt-foto stedvis fargelagt i rosa og blå.

Cooking, Time?

In what ways has immigration from Pakistan to Norway in the 1960s and 70s been experienced, narrated and preserved?

Intercultural Museum

19. April 2024 - 05. August 2024

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Jente ved siden av neonskilt med teksten There is no but


It is typical of us to have prejudices. Which ones do you have?

Intercultural Museum

Permanent exhibition

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