What is love? How can art function as an expression of love? 17 artists explore the language and dialogue of love together.

In this exhibition 17 artists explore one of the fundamental aspects of love: trust. In the act of exchanging artworks as gifts and letting other artists continue to work on them, the artists explore what it means to let go of ownership and individual authorship in a playfull way, and what it means to trust one another.

Exhibition opening November 4 at 6 PM: Facebook event

Artworks-as-gifts are exchanged several times during the exhibition. After each time the artists reflect together. Later, a response to the gift is brought into the exhibition. Through the response, the gift transforms – physically or conceptually.

«…we send messages back in the form of a new gift, or as alterations to the gift we’ve received. Each generation of gifts will be added to the display throughout the exhibition. The following generations will be exchanged on the 3rd and 26th of November. We hope the gifts will reach you beyond their physical forms, as we share our intimate thoughts with you.»
– Scenarios 2021


Johan Andrén, Isan Maher Atif, David Tobias Bonde Jensen, Liv Bugge, Anna Clawson, Sara Guldmyr, Doris Guo, Yun Hao, Sara Liv Hermansson, Naeun Kang, Mathew Lacosse, Mariusz Maslanka, Markus Moestue, Rick Seth Ofori, Reyes Santiago Rojas Figueroa, Mark Walker, Nicole Ward (Kunstakademiet, Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo)