When the rules of the game change

In your daily life, your possibilities and limitations are determined by who you are, the choices you make and the rules that apply in the community you are part of. But what happens when those rules change abruptly and unexpectedly?

On April 9th, 1940, German troops march into Oslo, escorted by mounted police. The event marks the beginning of five years characterized by major changes. Meanwhile, life must go on. Gerd is 26 years old, Eva is 13, Bjarne is 9, Synnøve is 7, Marianne is 6 and Turid is 3 years old. Their stories provide the basis for this exhibition. Several of the films, photos and objects have not previously been shown. Along with quotes from contemporary witnesses, they let us gain insight into a wartime everyday life characterized by great challenges, but also by creativity and courage.

The stories about Oslo during World War II are many and complex, and our exhibition focuses on the daily experiences of home, work, school, and leisure time. On the way, we highlight some choices or dilemmas facing young and old city dwellers, which we invite the audience to consider.

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Fritt Ord