PointCounterPoint is an artistic activist project and an exhibition at the Intercultural Museum, dealing with the political and social aftermath of covid-19. The exhibition examines the experience of the pandemic and its many consequences from the perspective of artists.

Would other post-pandemic realities have been possible? How can we view what we have experienced as an opportunity? And what would we do differently if it were to happen again?

The exhibition shows works responding to the pandemic, such as discussions and frustrations concerning restrictions, conspiracy theories and protest posters. 

Covid-19 left us in a condition of collective trauma. We wish to forget and move on. At the same time, the pandemic highlighted existing problems, such as social and economic differences, polarization, isolation and loneliness. 

The pandemic offered us an opportunity to create a new reality – but did we really seize this opportunity? Or did we accept a return to normality?

Artist Lisa Pacini is the initiator behind the project. Already in 2020, she invited a group of artists, and the project has been developed through a collective curation process with the participating artists.

Artist: Tore Magne Gundersen | Photo: Øystein Thorvaldsen

Lisa Pacini, Julie Skarland, Gidsken Braadlie, Tore Magne Gundersen, Astrid Runde Saxegaard, Andrea Galiazzo, Damien Ajavon, Brit Marit Almskår, Ida Immonen, Miriam Karlsen, Honk, Cathrine Constanse Gjelsnes og Kojo Biney & students

Tuesday – Sunday: 11am – 4pm

Opening hours during holidays

Adults: NOK 60,-
Children and youth (under 26): Free admission

Free admission for one person accompanying a person with a disability.

Free admission for everyone on Thursdays.


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