In what ways have artists seen, interpreted and painted Oslo throughout history? See the city through the eyes of the artists.

City life and urban landscapes have fascinated and inspired artists for hundreds of years. The exhibition gives the audience an insight into the city from the artists’ perspective. What can their paintings tell us about Oslo’s history and life in the capital?

In «Cityscapes – Capturing Oslo» you get to know the city through the artists’ gaze and brushstrokes. You can enjoy works by well-known artists such as Peder Balke and Edvard Munch as well as less established painters.

The exhibition is based on Museum of Oslo’s art collection, which comprises approximately 10 000 works.

Løvebakken: Sigurd Eriksen / BONO, oil on canvas (1930)
Utsikt fra Ekeberg: Peder Andersen Balke, oil on canvas
Youngstorget: Anders Svarstad, oil on canvas

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