A tribute to the Czech puppet artist Karel Hlavatý. See puppets, photographs, film and original sketches in this exhibition.

In the exhibition you will see a range of Hlavatý’s works, including several versions of the puppet Titten Tei, known from Norwegian television shows. You’ll also get to see colorful masks, hand puppets, costumes and original sketches.

In 2019, the board of UNIMA Norway, the association for puppet theatre, decided to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Hlavatý’s birth with an exhibition at Fossekleiva Kultursenter. A new and extended exhibition followed during Figurfestspillene in Tønsberg in 2020. The cooperation between the festival Go Figure! and Theatre Museum concludes this series of exhibitions in 2022.


The exhibition is made by UNIMA Norway and is part of the international puppet theatre festival Go Figure! 

All photos: Øyvind Skar