A photography exhibition showing Akerselva today, in light of the traces of history.

Photographer Torbjørn Moen has captured glimpses of Akerselva and its surroundings, from Maridalsvannet to its outlet in the Oslofjord. With this photography exhibition, the photographer wants to pay tribute to the river and to the work that has been done to clean it up after the industrial adventure of the past.

In this exhibition, visitors can see photographs of Akerselva today through four seasons, while at the same time, lines are drawn back to history – to the time when the river was the most important source of power for the industrialization of the city. Back then, the river was dirty and grey; today, it is a blue and green artery giving life to Oslo in a completely different way.

Torbjørn Moen

Moen is a self-taught photographer, who in recent years has cultivated Oslo as a photo subject. For several years, through all four seasons, he has wandered along Akerselva, in its surroundings and in literature, looking for traces of the river’s history.

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Torbjørn Moen

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