What do you think Oslo will look like in 30, 50, or 70 years? Time travel with us and explore different future scenarios.

Many well-established ideas about the future exist already, related to climate crisis, tech, and increasing social differences. Is this all that the future has in store for us, or are there alternatives?

In this exhibition, you move in and out of different imagined scenarios created by people living on the east end of downtown Oslo (Gamlebyen, Tøyen, Grønland, etc.). What if the sea levels rose by 70 meters? What if Tøyen became the new cultural and economic hub of Oslo? What if the people took the power back from private investors, and developed the city the way they wanted?

In the exhibit, you can partake in fun future workshops and engage in activities such as designing a future smart-city, play around with future language, or build a new city district.

Group visits require reservation.

The project is in with the University of Oslo, and the CoFutures research group. The exhibition received funding from The Norwegian Research Council, Sparebankstiftelsen, and Oslo Kommune (Kulturetaten).

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Illustration: Sharmila Banerjee

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