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Oslo Museum

The Activists 

Kim Friele, Nora Mehsen og Marte Wexelsen Goksøyr. PHOTO: IFFIT QURESHI
Kim Friele, Nora Mehsen og Marte Wexelsen Goksøyr. PHOTO: IFFIT QURESHI

What are the costs of fighting against injustice? Be introduced to 32 committed activists who has inspired, mobilized and teared down existing prejudices in Norway.

Iffit Qureshi, the photographer behind “Humans of Oslo”, has portrayed brave activists who have fallen and continued their fight fought against inequality and discrimination no matter the costs. Where do they find their courage and determination?

The exhibition offers an insight to the stories of known activists such as Arild Knutsen, Marte Goksøyr, Per Fugelli and others who have raised their voices against female circumcision, death penalty and structural discrimination against gays, disabled and other minorities.

Several of the initiatives and struggles presented in the exhibition have led to legislative changes, but not without sacrifice. Siri Sunde was fired from her position as a priest when she came out as lesbian. Tove Smaadahl received a number of disturbing and hateful letters from people opposing her call for change. In the case of Kim Friele, the message of hate was delivered as graffiti on her house.

The stories of the activists move and inspire us. The work of Iffit Qureshi highlights forgotten, yet pressing issues in the Norwegian society.

The activist Nora Mehsen is clear in her appeal: We all have a responsibility to be brave!

When: From 18th of January
What: Exhibition (photos, text and video)
Where: Intercultural Museum